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About Inperson365

We have over ten years of experience in digital transformation and cybersecurity. Our goal has been to focus on helping companies secure their digital transformation journey. 


As I result, we decided to join forces with Cryptshare, a company with more than 18 years of experience in email security and the transfer of large files simply and securely.  

The technology under the covers of Inperson365 has been continuously improved and developed for over 10 years winning 4,000,000 satisfied users and more than 2,000+ corporate customers who benefit from the most feature-rich Inperson365 version yet. Now available in America under the brand Inperson365.


Sending confidential information and large files securely in the course of your daily business has been made easier than ever. With greater ease of use and fewer IT requirements, you can start securing critical business communication immediately, right now – you just need an email address and a web browser. 


Inperson365 is available in multiple plans to cover everyone’s needs, from single professionals, mid-size companies to very large companies."

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