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3 Reasons you should incorporate Inperson365 into your company's data privacy strategy without break

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We put together top 3 reasons why you should buy Inperson365. Don't Forget to Visit our site -


Reason 1 | Inperson365 helps you with your GDPR compliance

Situation: You have customers in Europe who expect your company to comply with GDPR governance. You are using Office365 or Google docs or another hosting company to exchange emails and files. Challenge: If a customer request you to remove any personal data from your storage and/or email service. How would you handle that? Solution: Inperson365 Express does not use your email provider to send emails or files. The sender determine the life of the message and files being send , nothing will remind in the Inperson365 Servers after the expiration date. All files and messages are deleted for good. No trace!


Reason 2 | My CEO is requesting a more secure way to exchange confidential data inside and outside the company

Situation: We are a large Law Firm with hundreds of customers across the world. Our legal counsels exchange confidential messages and large files via Google docs and our customers use free email services to send us confidential and private data. Challenge: How can I make sure that Google or other email services don't have access to those confidential messages? and how can I provide my customer with a way to securely send us their most private data? Solution: Inperson365 Express does not use your email provider to send emails or files. It has it own secured and encrypted transfer mechanism. If a hacker hacks your email service, they will not find your customers private data. Inperson365 also offers a public portal for customer to upload and send their private data without using their email services. The customer will also determine when the data is deleted from Inpersona365 Servers.


Reason 3 | My lawyer is telling me to be careful how I handle my clients private data, such as their accounting books.

Situation: We are a small accounting firm in California. Our customer constantly complaint about sending their bank statements and other financial data via email. In some case large files as well. Challenge: We are a very small firm with very little IT experience or understanding of email encryption. To make things more difficult, our customers do not have tools to encrypt emails and files. Solution: Inperson365 Express service is available in multiple packages, from single subscriptions for $69.99/year and small packs of 10 users to dedicated servers for large company fully customizable to their needs

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