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Express Pro

$9.99/Month | Up to 2GB per transfer

Unlimmited Transfers 

This Service is Recommended for Individual Users

The Express Pro lets you send and receive encrypted emails and large files securely from our on-site portal using your computer or mobile device.

This Service was designed for individual users, small teams or small companies that want to make fast and secure transfers occasionally.

No need to install any apps or software in your computer or mobile device.

The Express Pro includes many features, like our "On-Premises Service" that we offer - so don't worry, you're not missing out on anything.

Our Express Pro service will offer you the best and most secure way to send and received confidential information without a major investment and long license contracts. 

Top Features Of Express Pro 

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Send Files of any Size Safely 

With Express Pro, Sharing large files is no longer a challenge. 

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One Interface for all Devices 

Fully responsive web portal, usable on all devices and platforms 

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Useable for Everyone 

We make it easy for both internal and external communication

Why Our Software is Unique 

Never Thought You'd see an
Undo Button before?

That's right - Inperson365 allows you to un-send/revoke if a mistake is presented when transferring your confidential information. The saying "It's too late, it already sent already" will never resurface again using the inperson365.

Fewer mistakes and more secure sending.

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Prevent Data Breakdowns 

41% of data leakage is caused by sending an email to the wrong email address. Ensure this doesn't happen, set a password using Inperson365. If you think the password is compromised, recall the confidential file from the Inperson365 server, putting you in complete control. 

Process Digitization 

Any corporate communications can be digitized and automated using Inperson365 technology. Inperson365 automation via the API, we can clearly show that the investment pays off very quickly 

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Start Sending Like a Pro

For $9.99/month - Unlimited Transfers up to 2GB

Additional service plans are available on our store 

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