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A Quick & Trusted Transfer

Included in the Inperson365 Portal. A free tool available for you!

What is QUICK?

The QUICK Integrated Inperson365 Key considerably simplifies the use of Inperson365! Instead of having to exchange one-time passwords manually, QUICK will take care of password management for you. You won't have to deal with passwords anymore and can send and receive information with passwordless security.

Sending a Transfer with QUICK

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(Quick Technology)

Transfer Options 


Click the button to Activate Quick and establish a permanent connection with your recipient 

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 2.44.13 PM.png

Create a password for establishing the QUICK connection. To activate QUCK, the recipient must enter this password this one time. 

Once the QUICK Connection with the recipient is activated, entering passwords is no longer necessary 

What a QUICK Transfer Looks LIke 

(QUICK Technology)


The sender has invited you to use QUICK for a permanent secure connection.


Click on Activate QUICK

(QUICK Technology)


If there is an activate QUICK connection with the sender, you can start the download immediately; entering a password or a verification code is not required. Quick automatically manages the passwords that protect the data. 

Visit Our Support Page 

If You Have Any Questions 

About QUICK 

Enter the verification code you were sent Via Email and click "Next" to get back to the download  

If you have been verified already, this step is skipped automatically. 

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