All about Inperson365

Sending confidential information and large files securely in the course of your daily business has been made easier than ever. With greater ease of use and fewer IT requirements, you can start securing critical business communication immediately, right now – you just need an email address and a web browser. Inperson365 Express is a Secure Transport Service for your most critical business data in motion. 

Powered by Cryptshare, a company with more than 18 years of experience in email security and the transfer of large files distilled into a few simple steps. We have partnered with the best in the business.

Who is this service for? 

If you are a small company with 25 employees or fewer you will love Inperson365 Express. All companies that need to exchange business data face legal requirements such as GDPR, industrial espionage, or random breaches, constantly increasing the demands for security. 

For companies with more than 25 employees, our on-prem software solution and dedicated servers offers a variety of operation modes. 

If you are responsible for digital communication in your company, for IT infrastructure, data handling or perhaps, storage systems, you will find that Inperson365, which is based on a proven easy-to-use solution for secure communication, will be a valuable part of your IT security armoury. 


Inperson365 brings value and security across all industries and was built for the secure exchange of critical data and the transfer of files large and small. 


The technology under the covers has been continuously improved and developed for over 10 years winning 4,000,000 satisfied users and more than 2,000+ corporate customers who benefit from the most feature rich Inperson365 version yet. Now available in the Americas. 

In most cases it is installed on premise on in the Inperson365 Cloud with many customizable features, however some are happy with a one-size-fits-all approach as an instant resolution to known issues of email like Inperson365 Express. 

For all those who want life to be even easier when it comes to the secure exchange of digital information, with Inperson365 this solution is now available as an on demand for service for the first time.

Access Inperson365 on browser web app or outlook 

Comprehensive list of features

  • Send and receive large files (up to 1GB with Inperson365 Express) no limit with dedicated service on premise or in the Inperson365 Cloud. 

  • Send and receive secure e-mails and files. Totally encrypted from end to end and while in the Inperson365 cloud. 

  • Recall transfers in Outlook and Web App (New) 

  • High user acceptance due to self-explanatory user interface in multiple languages 

  • Your communication partners don't need their own Inperson365 e-mail user account. 

  • Neither you nor your communication partners need to exchange certificates or keys to communicate 

  • Up to 1 GB file size per transfer on the Inperson365 Express service 

  • Viruses check of transferred files (FREE) 

  • Encrypted file storage on server. No one other than the sender or recipient has access to the files and emails. 

  • Encryption of subject line. No one will know what the content is all about. 

  • 7 days transfer retention period for Inperson365 Express. Programable retention period for dedicated service and on-premises installations, after that your data will be deleted automatically and irretrievably. Gone! 

  • Usable without having your own IT infrastructure. 

  • High level of security, as all transfers are protected by one-time passwords. 

  • Downloads are blocked for 60 minutes, if the wrong transfer password is entered too often. 

  • Operation on reliable cloud infrastructure, GDPR compliant hosted in the USA with availability hosting in Europe as well.

Fulfill central requirements of the GDPR with Inperson365

  • Send and receive encrypted e-mails and files 

  • Right of access by the data subject and right to rectification using Inperson365. 

  • Data protection settings at a high level ... including those for outgoing e-mails 

  • Right to be forgotten / Data Cleanup Rules 

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

  • Right to data portability and Inperson365. 

  • Cloud services and the processing of data relating to orders (order data processing)

Comprehensive range of integrations

  • Inperson365 Web App 

  • Inperson365 for Outlook 

  • Inperson365 browser-integrations 

  • Inperson365 integration with SAP available (additional cost) 

  • All mentioned integrations are available to you and your communication partners