Protect Your Business and Customers Against Personal Data Privacy Violations 

"Exchange Confidential Data Safely"

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We want everyone to expierce and test run this outstanding service 

The Free 21 Day Trial, we allow you to grab hands on all the features and functions of the Inperson365 Express Portal. Our support team is right there with you if you have any questions or concerns.  If our service does not satisfy you, no problem. Once the trial has ended you have the option to continue your membership or leave the membership. We fully understand your decision and hope you find the right service that fits your company needs. Transferring important data is crucial and we want to help you out. 

How to Safely Send Emails and Files

with Inperson365 Express

1. Visit the Inperson365 Express Portal  

2. Type the email of the recipient and select the file you wish to to send (up to 1 GB)

3. Select the level of protection, retrieval method, definition and send

How to Safely Retrieve Emails and Files

with Inperson365 Express

 1. You have received a secure notification via email that a secured message  and file/s are waiting for you to retrieve them.

2. Visit the Inperson365 Express Portal and select your langue preference. 

3. Type your Transfer ID # that was securely attached to the email/via text and retrieve  the messages and files

Sending secured emails and files with Inperson365 express is easy as 1. 2. 3.

Was Our Service Not What You Were Looking For? 

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If you are not satisfied with our service after purchase and it has NOT passed 30 Days we will issue a refund right back to you. 

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